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Survey on Opinions of Employers: New Senior Secondary Graduates (2015) starts in late July
2015 School Leaders Symposium on New Academic Structure Learning Journey (Medium-term Review): Continual Renewal from Strength to Strength has been held on 3 July 2015
Parents’ Seminar on “Get prepared for the Release of HKDSE Examination Results and Multiple Pathways” is now open for enrolment
The materials of the "Parents' Seminars on Senior Secondary Curriculum and Subject Choices 2015" have been uploaded
EDB CM “Teacher Members for an Ad Hoc Committee of the Curriculum Development Council (2015)” has been issued
Consultation on the “New Academic Structure (NAS) Medium-term Review and Beyond”
has been launched
The "Designated Webpage for 2014/15 Secondary 6 Students" has been launched
EDB CM "Implementation of the New Academic Structure for Senior Secondary Education and Higher Education (2014/15 school year)" has been issued
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