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Guidance Notes/Sample Documents for Minor Alteration Works in the Implementation of NSS

Guidance Notes and Sample Documents for Schools Intending to Carry Out Minor Alteration Works in the Implementation of the New Senior Secondary (NSS) Academic Structure

In order to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, schools are advised to observe the suggested allocation of lesson time for various Key Learning Areas given in the Basic Education Curriculum Guide. Any proposed conversion of a special room or workshop (such as Home Economics Room) should not result in less number of related lessons or lesson time in related subject (such as Home Economics) being offered at junior secondary level in school.

(Please note that experience collected from schools will be included in this Guidance Notes. Schools are advised to obtain the updated version as and when required)
Guidance Notes
Appendix I - Points to Note for Common Alteration Works
  Appendix II - Sample Tendering Documents
 (i) Invitation to Quotation (Sample letter)
 (ii) Tender Form (2 copies)
 (iii) Conditions of Tender
 (iv) Conditions of Contract
 (v) Particular Specification
 (vi) Materials Schedule , Schedule of Rates and Summary of Quotation
 (vii) Site Information Schedules
 (viii) Sample Acceptance Letter