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Event title Seminar Series for School Leaders on the
New Academic Structure (2012)
School Plan of NSS: Revisit, Reflect and Look Ahead
Organiser Curriculum Development Institute, Education Bureau
Target Secondary School Leaders
(Principals, Vice Principals, NSS Coordinators,
Prefects of Studies, etc)
Date 25 October, 9 November, 14 November 2012
Venue Kowloon Tong Education Services Centre,
19 Suffolk Road, Kowloon Tong
Introduction The seminars for school leaders have been an annual forum to foster our communication with school leaders on the implementation of NAS. The programme each year would be tailor-made to give timely information on the latest development of NAS. This year 4 seminars (including a pilot seminar) with identical structure were held to help schools reflect and improve the school-based planning for NSS based on the latest information, including updated HKDSE Examination results and exit pathways of 1st cohort of NSS students. Representatives from local universities and post-secondary institutions were also invited to share their observations on NSS students from the admission process.
Programme PDF:

Each seminar consists of the following sessions:
1. Introduction: Review and Update of the New Academic Structure
Speakers PDF file / Supplementary document
Dr CHAN Ka-ki, Catherine, Deputy Secretary /
Dr CHEUNG Kwok-wah, Principal Assistant Secretary (Curriculum Development) /
Mr LAU Yuen-tan, Principal Education Officer (Curriculum Development)
Education Bureau
PDF File:

2. Sharing of universities and post-secondary institutions:
    Observations on NAS students from the admission process
Speakers PDF file / Supplementary document
Mr LEUNG Yam-shing, Senior Assistant Executive Director /
Ms CHUNG Chi-ching, Leah, Head of External Relations Office
Vocational Training Council
PDF File:
Dr Emily CHENG, Director of Admissions Office,
City University of Hong Kong
PDF File:
Dr SO Kwok-sang, Academic Registrar,
Hong Kong Baptist University
PDF File:
Ms Mary LEUNG, Senior Administrative Manager,
Lingnan University
PDF File:
Ms KUNG Hing-ha, Annie , Assistant Director of Office of Admissions and Financial Aids,
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
PDF File:
Mr Philip KEUNG, Assistant Registrar,
The Hong Kong Institute of Education
PDF File:
Prof S.L. HO, Chair Professor of Electricity Utilisation and Chairman of Committee on Undergraduate Admissions,
Hong Kong Polytechnic University
PDF File:
Ms Betty LAW, Associate Director, UG Recruitment & Admissions,
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
PDF File:
Ms Francisca KWOK, Senior Programme Manager, Academic Liaison Section, Registry,
The University of Hong Kong
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3. School Leader Exchange: School-based Review and Planning for NSS
Speakers PDF file / Supplementary document
Principal LAM Yat-fung,
Lions College
PDF File:
Principal LIU Ah-chuen,
Christian Alliance S W Chan Memorial College
PDF File:
Principal WONG Ip-cheung,
Tsuen Wan Government Secondary School
PDF File:

4. Thematic Sharing: Reflections based on the experience of teaching
    the first cohort of NSS students (Parallel sessions):
Topic Speakers PDF file / Supplementary document
A. Curriculum Planning and Teaching Process (1) Mr LEUNG Ting-chor, Principal,
The Mission Covenant Church Holm Glad College
PDF File:
Mr HO Moon-tim, Principal,
Buddhist Sin Tak College
PDF File:
Mr NGAI Shu-chiu, Principal,
CNEC Christian College
PDF File:
B. Curriculum Planning and Teaching Process (2) Mr LAI Wing-chun, Principal,
Maryknoll Secondary School
PDF File:
Ms NG Fung-han, Principal,
Lok Sin Tong Yu Kan Hing Secondary School
PDF File:
Mr CHUNG Chiang-hon, Principal,
TWGHs Lui Yun Choy Memorial College
PDF File:
C. Re-thinking on Students’ Pathways Mr LEE Kam-hung, Principal,
Tang King Po School
PDF File:
Mr NG Yau-keung, Principal,
The Hong Kong Taoist Association Ching Chung Secondary School
PDF File:
Dr HO Yuk-fan, Esther,
Carmel Secondary School
PDF File: