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From 2012, you will be seeing more and more candidates with a new qualification - the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education

How do you interpret the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education?
Under the New Academic Structure, the first Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination was administered in 2012. A Standards-referenced Reporting system is adopted to report candidate's performance and replace Grades A to F. In the HKDSE Examination, student performance is reported in five levels (Levels 1 to 5), with 5 being the highest. The top Level 5 candidates with the best performance will be awarded a 5**, and the next top group awarded a 5*. Each level of Levels 1 to 5 is accompanied by descriptors and exemplars (i.e. examples) that describe the performance of a typical candidate at a given level. Results of candidates will not be affected by the performance of other candidates taking the same examination and there is no longer pass/fail level.

What are the qualities expected of the graduates under the New Academic Structure?
The graduates are expected to have acquired lifelong learning capabilities including generic skills such as critical and creative thinking, as well as inter-personal skills. This results from learning under the New Academic Structure which offers a broader and more balanced curriculum; diversified learning opportunities, and a widened exposure for whole-person development. The curriculum breaks the barrier of traditional arts and science streaming with greater flexibility in choices of combination of subjects. The core subject of Liberal Studies broadens the knowledge base of students and enhances their social, national and global awareness as well as develops their multi-perspective and critical thinking skills through the study of a wide range of issues.

How do you recruit the most suitable person for the job?
Employers could refer to the level descriptors of what students could do in order to decide on the level required for different jobs, then match with the levels students have attained in various subjects and study their Student Learning Profiles to select the suitable candidates.