Introduction of the NAS
Globalisation, the advancement of information technology and the development of knowledge-based economies in a climate of global economic restructuring have brought about unprecedented worldwide changes. To maintain Hong Kong's competitiveness in international arena, Hong Kong citizens need to enhance their adaptability, creativity, independent thinking and life-long learning capabilities. The New Academic Structure (NAS) implemented in Secondary 4 since September 2009 principally aims to prepare students for such future challenges. Under the NAS, all students have the opportunity to study up to Secondary 6. Students with different abilities, interests and aptitudes can give full play to their talents through the broad and balanced senior secondary (SS) curriculum.

Apart from taking the four core subjects (Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics and Citizenship and Social Development / Liberal Studies1), students can choose 2 or 3 elective subjects. These elective subjects can be chosen from SS elective subjects of different Key Learning Areas, Applied Learning courses and/or other language courses. The curriculum breaks the barrier of traditional arts and science streaming. The subjects are diversified. They suit different students' interest, aptitudes and abilities. Through the participation in Other Learning Experiences, students can acquire learning experiences of values education, community services, physical and aesthetic education and career-related experiences, etc. The knowledge and learning experiences in SS curriculum are broader and richer than previous curricula. Students' pathways for further education and employment are thus more diversified. The new curriculum can also foster a broader scope of views and life-long learning abilities for students.

Curriculum Content
4 Core Subjects   2 or 3 Elective Subjects 2   Other Learning Experiences
Chinese Language

English Language


Citizenship and Social Development / Liberal Studies1
+ 2 or 3 subjects chosen from NSS elective subjects, Applied Learning courses and/or other language courses + Values Education, Community Service, Aesthetic Development, Physical Development and Career-related Experiences

Senior Secondary Subjects
Key Learning Areas SS Subjects (Core and Elective)
Chinese Language Education
  • Chinese Language (core subject)
  • Chinese Literature
English Language Education
  • English Language (core subject)
  • Literature in English
Mathematics Education
  • Mathematics (core subject)
    including the Compulsory Part and two Extended Modules: Calculus and Statistics, Algebra and Calculus
  • Citizenship and Social Development / Liberal Studies1 (core subject)
Personal, Social and Humanities Education
  • Chinese History
  • Economics
  • Ethics and Religious Studies
  • Geography
  • History
  • Tourism and Hospitality Studies
Science Education
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Science (Integrated Science, Combined Science) 3
Technology Education
  • Business, Accounting and Financial Studies
  • Design and Applied Technology
  • Health Management and Social Care
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Technology and Living
Arts Education
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
Physical Education
  • Physical Education

Applied Learning
Area of Studies
  • Creative Studies
  • Services
  • Media and Communication
  • Applied Science
  • Business, Management and Law
  • Engineering and Production

Other Languages4
French German Hindi Japanese Spanish Urdu


  1. Citizenship and Social Development has been implemented since 2021/22 school year to replace Liberal Studies.
  2. School will offer different SS elective subjects depending on individual schools' context and students' needs. Some schools may also offer Applied Learning courses and/or other language courses.
  3. Science (Integrated Science, Combined Science) has been phased out starting from Secondary 4 in the 2021/22 school year.
  4. The Hong Kong Examinations and Assessment Authority will discontinue the existing Hindi and Urdu examinations from 2025 HKDSE onwards. Meanwhile, the HKDSE Category C (Other Languages) subjects will include the existing subjects of French, German, Japanese and Spanish, with the addition of Korean. Candidates will be required to take stipulated official language examinations.